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Hill Country Solar believes in protecting the unique beauty and style of the Hill Country region; letting aesthetics guide all of our designs. Integrating solar successfully with a site includes limiting array heights in order to protect view-sheds and thoughtfully conserving natural habitat during construction.
Whenever possible, our goal is maximizing the return on investment for solar properties while maintaining a high-level of craftsmanship and using the best quality materials. The Hill Country has enormous solar energy potential, providing the best possible renewable energy that is both non-polluting and effective at harnessing the vast contemporary sunlight potential of the region.

8 kW grid connected solar PV generator with low profile construction.

20 kW grid interactive residential solar PV generator mounted on rainwater storage structure.

Commercial grid-connected solar PV electric system.

20 kW single axis tracking solar PV grid-tied system with battery backup.

Grid-tied solar PV with emergency backup for critical loads.

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